Over the past 40 years we noticed that about all amplifier designs are built in a similar way; all separate, dense populated PCB’s, hooked up with a lot of wire.
We believed that due to a different construction and symmetrical layout of the electronics the sound would improve.  
You don't need to be a technician to recognice the symmetry and about absence of wiring.
With better, we mean a more reliable amplifier with more natural sound.
And it works, as is recognised by several audiophiles by now….
Some say our solid state amplifiers sound as a reference quality tube amplifier.
Others state that they don't hear an amplifier at all....... as it should be !
Read their comments on our regular website.

Also new is the fact that we build your power amplifiers by hand according to your demands and financial space in a range of  € 800,- to € 10.000,-
Today we are working on similar constructed, matching preamplifiers.
Model A3300 HRQ, dual mono 2x 150W/8ohms, 225VA transformers  (€ 2579,- line).
EXTRA on customers request: V-caps over the Power Supply rails, XLR balanced input option.

Optional reference quality RIKE-S input capacitors mounted (in dec. 2015)
Model A 2280 RQ, stereo 2x 60W/8 ohms with optional ALPS volume control (€ 1299,-).
The owner states that is nearly sounds as good as his € 6000,- tube amplifier.