ELTIM audio amplifiers

We at ELTIM audio are audiophiles as well as audio technicians for over 40 years, wondering
why even expensive equipment use cheap or even unsuitable parts, and use so much wire, causing
sound degradation and very complicated, production time consuming designs. We do it different.

Our amplifiers use a modular setup, meaning that we can make many different (pre)amplifiers.
In our designs you won't find about any wiring, nor complicated setups, nor cheap crap parts.
They also are symmetrical in design from input to output and both left and right.
We expect that your ELTIM gear will last for at least 15 years.
All module sizes are made in a way that we can use many Italian made standarised cabinets.
This modular setup, cabinet and modules, no expensive marketing team, etc. results in nice prices as well.

Introduced at X-Fi audioshow 2019: ELTIM Preamplifier P3435:

One of our bespoke built power amplifiers: