ELTIM audio amplifiers

ELTIM audio BV is known by distribution and sales of high quality audio parts and modules.
Many manufacturers buy their parts from us actually since 2001 already.
By means of a huge webshop www.eltim.eu consumers can use our stock as well.
We also design, assemble and sell our own preamplifiers, power amplifiers, power supplies,
all based on the modules we develop and parts we distribute.

All our amplifier designs are made in a modular setup, meaning that we can make hundreds of different (pre)amplifiers.
With our Amplifier Modules we could build your exclusive, bespoke amplifier as you can find some in this website.
What you'll find here are just some examples of what we (can) make. Just contact us and tell us your ideas.
The amplifiers listed in this webshop are just some examples or suggestions.

is behind us now, and we can conclude that it was a fantastic weekend, especially where we just
in time had our first preamplifier ready which took part of our demonstration.
This ELTIM P3280 preamplifier powered a pair of ELTIM M2280 monoblocks,
in turn firing a pair of speakers, the MC-Systems MP-3.2 :

Introduced at X-Fi audioshow 2019: ELTIM Preamplifier P3280:

The customer of this A3300 HRQ Power Amplifier with serial number 0001 amazes
audio communities, friends, etc. with the pure, powerfull and rich sound hardly heard elsewhere.
It's difficult to talk about ones own developments and it's quality, so we let others do that on a special page.
For Dutch readers we have a reaction page of Dutch customers and even colleagues.

Mostly Dutch made products read "Made in Holland", even when it's not made in that specific region.
It's coming far back from the 17th century, the VOC era and kept alive that long (on purpose?).
Products made and companies located in the Netherlands should be listed that way.
Since Holland is roughly only the westcoast of the country official called the Netherlands,
we decided to mention "Made in Groningen" as a protest against this falsification / incorrect phrase.
Groningen is the far north-east province of our nice country where we actually are located indeed,
just and only to show that there is more than just "Holland" where nice stuff is coming from J

Get your unique, bespoke ELTIM equipment now and enjoy the music.