ELTIM Preamplifiers

After the introduction of our Power Amplifiers, our customers started to ask for Preamplifiers with the same quality level fmatching our Power Amps.
It took us two years to find similar solutions as with our Power Amplifiers to achieve the same airy, open and powerfull sound.
Also our preamplifiers are based on modules:
  • Main board with power supply (potted toriodal trafo), module connectors and master signal paths.
  • Standard supplied as so called passive amplifier, so no active electronic elements in the signal path.
  • On board possibility ot mount MM/MC Phono preamp parts with selectable 16 gain and 16 load impedances.
  • Optional input and output buffer modules, line or balanced, high audio grade quality.
  • Optional active volume control by professional Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) circuits (-90 / +12dB, regular is -60 /0dB).
  • Optional Input capacitor board (not neccessary required) for very large and best available capacitors.
  • Optional Voltage Regulator module, providing stable supply voltages.