ELTIM Preamplifiers

After the introduction of our Power Amplifiers, our customers started to ask for Preamplifiers with the same quality level fmatching our Power Amps.
It took us two years to find similar solutions as with our Power Amplifiers to achieve the same airy, open and powerfull sound.

We start with the P3280 in dimensions of 450x130x280mm with all possible options and Ø50mm knobs.
Later we also will bring a P2230 in size of 450x90x230mm without a display. Ø40mm knobs.
A version called P1170 will also follow, where just the main board + VCA fits exactly. Ø30mm knobs. Size 450x50x170mm.

If you already are interested in one of the non-released versions, let us know. Then we will speed up developing.