ELTIM Speakers

ELTIM speakers are fullrange or multiway speakers, mostly based on MOREL drive units, and all having a somehow "different" sound as you are used to.  How come?

With our 25 years of acting as MOREL Europe we know very well how to treat a MOREL unit. They are working different from regular built drive units and can do what others can't.

We use high quality units, requiring only a minimum of correcting crossover components. We don't spend money in marketing nor a dealer network, but in the sound producing parts and we produce our speakers in house. This means that you can decide how we make them for you.

In order to explain why our speakers sound so natural, we have to become a bit techical, sorry for that.
"Normal" loudspeakers today mostly use so called 12/12dB parallel crossovers in order to match the frequency domain of both (or more) units, resulting in an about flat frequency response. Component values are easy to calculate, so low development costs.
Everybody seems to forget that parallel crossovers show huge phase errors (resulting in "walking" 3D presentation), sound lobes (experienced while walking around) and impedance peaks around the crossover frequency. Also there are quite a number of crossover parts in the signal path, each "eating up" some of the details in the music and decreasing the efficiency of the speaker. All reasons why speakers sound different on other cables and/or amplifiers.

Our "SOLO" fullrange design amazes everybody who listens to it. According to the "audio bible rules" it is not possible what we experience, yet is does. ALL is there, coming from a single 16cm unit AND with highest precision and detail. Doesn't matter if it is at low or (very) high volume. About all are looking for a subwoofer and/or tweeter, sorry not there. The bass guitar makes you smile and cymbals are singing without any sharpness (phase errors).
Developing a similar one with a VOXATIV unit is in our mind. Did you know that we are the only dealer in the Netherlands for all their classy and award winning products?

In multiway systems we succeeded to use functioning 6/6dB serial crossovers, causing a minimum of phase errors. About nobody else is using these, not because "they don't work" as told, but due to the fact that most drive units are not capable of handling it and despite the few components used, it is hard to find the correct values. We developed our own software to find the correct values, where the units acoustical behaviour is implemented as well.
Due to the lack of phase errors and impedance peaks the sound is amazingly open, transparent, solid and fast with a fantastic 3D presentation. Also, you don't need to sit exactly in the middle (heard that one before, yet was untrue) due to the lack of sound lobes as caused by regular filters. Note that your ears detect phase errors far better than frequency response "errors". A bad phase response results in listening fatigue as experienced by more and more speakers, all due to this 12/12dB thing.
Due to the flat impedance curve and lack of sometimes an overwhelming amount of crossover components, your amplifier will be happy as well, rewarding you with precise power in the deepest regions, in turn bringing a smile on your face. Suddenly a 16cm drive unit can make deep sounds not imagined to be possible. You will wonder where it's coming from as many did in our studio or at shows already.
Yeah, right, you heard all this bla, bla before. BUT NOTE: we (and all our suppliers) are non-marketers, but music loving technicians building small series for 40 years already and are proud on every product we give bearth to. We can't and don't like to cheat, since everybody is invited to come and listen. Sometimes you can find us on a show as well.  And then this: it's bespoke made for you, finished the way you want it.

Test proposal: about every audiophile has the CD "Jazz at the Pawnshop". At 00:47 we hear loud and clear (Swedish accent) from the audience "Just call me 1st of September". Can you as well?  

We are dealer of VOXATIV, AUDIO TECHNOLOGY, MOREL and many other drive units brands as well as MUNDORF, INTERTECHNIK and VH-Audio crossover components distributor. So we can build about anything you like us to do.
As with our amps, our speakers are completely handmade in house. We have our own timber and electronics workshops, so we can make about any (wooden) speaker cabinet. Send us your idea!

ELTIM E-621 frontpanels in production (in house).