VOXATIV cables

VOXATIV cabling is made with the knowledge that fullrange based loudspeakers do have different needs than speakers using crossovers.

Voxativ drivers do have an extreme resolution and if you are using cables that boost this resolution the sound gets sharp. On the other hand the dynamics of the widebanders must be kept and we need a good bass support.
As your interconnect, we recommend our special cable, which is produced exclusively by Voxativ.
The Voxativ interconnect is composed of many individual solid-core copper and silver wires with 0.3 mm² cross section. These are made of high purity oxygen-free material. For the highest resolution in bass and voices this is the best choice.
The Voxativ cable is delivered with gold plated CU or pure silver WBT Next-Gen plugs.
The perfect combination for the use with our systems and your music.