VOXATIV 9.87, true Fullrange speaker system per pair

VOXATIV 9.87, true Fullrange speaker system per pair
Combination of Pi and active Bass units

Technical data:

Frequency response                20 - 20.000 Hz
Driver                                VOXATIV AC-1.6 / AC-4d / AC-4A
Efficiency                        99 / 105 dB 1W / 1 m
Capacity                        50 W sinus
Dimensions (W x H x D)                15 x 40 x 12" (38 x 110 x 31 cm)
Color                                Piano Finish white or black
Weight                                110 lbs (60 kg)

Article code: 9.87

The answer to all audiophile demands

The 9.87 system is our latest loudspeaker that fulfills all desires on a audiophile listening session down to 20 Hz. It combines the advantages of our award-winning PI fullrange speaker with a very fast dipole woofer system.
The Pi loudspeaker is unchanged and can be fitted with all available Voxativ drivers. We do recommend the AC-1.6 as an entrance version and the AC-4A or 4D as the topline. Field coil drivers are also possible.
In the woofer section we have combined the Ripol® idea with our AST® technology. The result is a complete open system that nearly has to move zero volume. It is equipped with 2 x 99 dB Neodymium woofers each. These woofers are extremely fast and are driven by 2 x 250W class AB plate amps. The first dipole woofer system that really has a strong bass.
The system runs semi active. This means the widebander is still driven by your tube amp without any filtering. Just plug in.
The woofer section has it's own adjustable crossover and should be driven up to 120 Hz. That's all.
The only thing you need beside your tube amp is a preamp-out to drive the woofer.
The result is the most powerful full range system you have ever heard. This means all Voxativ features are kept but now down to 20 Hz.

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