ELTIM Speakers

ELTIM speakers are fullrange or multiway speakers, mostly based on MOREL drive units, and all having a somehow "different" sound as you are used to.  How come?
With our 25 years of acting as MOREL Europe we know very well how to treat a MOREL unit. They are working different from regular built drive units and can do what others can't.

So, we can do it the other way around compared to most manufacturers. We use high quality units, requiring only a minimum of correcting crossover components. We spend money in the sound producing parts, f.e the unit in our SOLO hasn't a carbon LOOK, but is true carbon instead.

In multiway systems we succeeded to use working 6/6dB serial crossovers, causing a minimum of phase errors compared to conventional crossovers are tending to show. Due to the lack of these phase errors the sound is amazingly open, transparent and fast with a fantastic 3D presentation.
In order to find the correct component values we developed our own software, where we can fill in the drivers graphs and parts values and read the ACOUSTIC results in a graph. This results in a clean sound with about flat phase- and impedance response or in other words, clean sound with fantastic 3D presentation. Then, we listen to them for weeks as you would do, using our ears (relaxed), mouth (smile), eyes (blinking with fast transients), mind (want more) and underarms (goose pimples) as measuring instruments. We only do a final electric measurent, just to make absolutely sure you speaker is working as it should do.
Since a 6/6dB serial crossover only requires a few components, there will be "shown" an amazing toucheable room reflection, echo's, fine instrument details, etc. Plain applauding will demonstrate this, you can count the audience. Also due to the lack of these phase errors in ELTIM speakers, you can touch your favourite artists nose and even don't need to sit exactly in the "hotspot". But, you have to realign your mind for a short time ("is this sound correct?") since your brains don't have to deal with the phase errors any more as they were used to, causing so called listening fatiuge. After this retuning you'll find yourself in listening to music instead of to speakers.
Due to the flat impedance curve and lack of sometimes an overwhelming amount of crossover components, your amplifier will be happy, rewarding you with precise power in the deepest regions, in turn bringing a smile on your face. You will wonder where it's coming from as many did in our studio or at shows already. Perhaps specialists in writing and judging can explain better what you would experience if....
Yeah, right, we heard all this before. BUT: we (and all our suppliers) are non-marketers, but music loving technicians building small series for 40 years already and are proud on every product we give bearth. And, it's bespoke made for you, finished the way you want it.

As with our amps, our speakers are completely handmade in house. We have our own timber and electronics workshop, so we can make about any (wooden) speaker cabinet. Send us your idea!

ELTIM E-621 frontpanels in production.

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