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ELTIM High End Power Amplifiers

Our own company ELTIM audio BV designed and produces several types of Audio modules. With these, we can (hand)build your very exclusive bespoke amplifier(s).

Since we are not "smart" marketeers, but audiophile technicians it's hard for us to write a nice readable story about our amps, so we just tell what truly matters:
Our amps make music again with a tubelike warm and open sound and a fantstic 3D staging. The solid bass fundament is a bonus.
Actually these are not our words but from our respected customers, listeners, reviewers, etc,

Due to the absence of a huge office in an expensive area, marketing staff, advertising program, show presentations, distribution chain, etc., in combination with the use of universal, yet very nice (modified) cabinets we offer very nice pricing compared to other brands price/quality figures.

Imagine: our designer Louis Timmers is collecting all the required components for you, solders them by hand on the PCB's, mounts all together, aligns it and listens to it for about an hour. Just for YOU !   Is that exclusive or what?  -)

So, if you decide to let us build your bespoke amplifier, it's not only this exclusivity making you warm and proud. Probably more: the tubelike warm, detailed, powerfull sound with a fantastic 3D will. Customer statements!
AND, it will not break down just after the warranty period of 2 years. We expect it will run for at least 20 years actually.

Yet, dealers are most welcome to join us in the reliving of true audiophile listening where equipment is hardly noticed.

Just reserve our DEMO amp for a listening experience in your own environment with your own equipment!

We try to get the last drop of musicality from any source and it works as more and more people experience now. If you want to know how we do it, read the white paper.