ELTIM Endverstärker

Since the end of the 80's there is a trend to improve measurement data of amplifiers way beyond reasonable figures because most consumers are convinced that in that case also the sound will become better. If so, then why sound records and Tube amps still better while mostly having dramatically bad figures??  So, something else must be going on. We believe that due to this over-engineering the musicality of any electronics is degraded. Due to way to many components, phase behaviour of most amps are dramatically bad, especially while comparing the positive and negative half of the signal. Nobody does actually. Phase behaviour is determing the 3D staging of your amplifier though. At the same time the speaker load is mostly not 4 or 8 ohms over the full range, but often showing dramatic impedance changes. Lots of amps can't handle these changes properly, with a cold sound and sharp S and T tones as a result.  In order to achieve these fantastic figures, lots of components are required and so a massive amplifier cabinet hardly fits all components, mostly connected with bundles of wires. Since that 80's time, reasonable sounding amps prices went through the roof because the designs became dramatically complicated, yet still making sound instead of MUSIC.
We had some other ideas of how to build an amplifier! With most modern and state of the art components our amps are (a)live and making MUSIC indeed as confirmed by owners and listeners. The simplicity and symmetrical layout will even be noticed by non-technicians. Actually, our customers respond that they even sound better than (very) high ranked class-A solid state amplifiers as even Class-A adepts were reporting. Our amps become only hand-warm though and work properly immediatelly after Power on. Just due to the design and use of most modern components.

Due to our way of designing, our solid state (semiconductor) amplifiers produce (according to our customers and listeners) equal or even better sound than high ranked tube amplifiers. The "air"  around instruments and voices are, as we have to admit, amazing indead. Speed (attack) is phenomenal fast ( for technicians: >60V/us, 4x faster than the best available opamps), frequency range is from DC - 350.000Hz (limited by us) and customers tell they get an extra, low octave of rock solid bass for free now. This is simply achieved by using the very best Power Supply capacitors available today, connected to the Power train without any wires and in shortest possible way. Open it and you'll see only some neat and clean PCB's with visible symmetrical layouts. One of the advantages of that is, that there is about NO wiring to be found in the amplifier, so no side effects caused by influecing each other due to magnetic fields around the wires and no costs to connect all these wires (mostly done with cheap crap connectors and wires!).

Some differences of our approach compared to about all other designs we are aware of:
-        Our amplifier designs are schematically AND mechanically about completely symmetrical.
-        Due to most modern and unique EXICON Mosfets, we do not have to cope with thermal runaway
               effects as other solid state amplifiers have to.
-        Due to the same Mosfets, we don't need arrays of Mosfets to keep the amp alive; for normal use ONE
               pair is way sufficient as explained in the Exicon info page. But, we can add more if you like -)
-        The design is that symmetrical, that NO speaker relay is required to protect it from Power on/off irregularities,
               since there simply aren't any. So, no strange woofer movements during Power on/off procedure
               and NO low signal distortion caused by the relay contacts.
-        They are built in a modular way and with a minimum number, yet very high quality parts and PCB's.
               This results in a fast assembly time and most flexibility in modifying or upgrading it.
-        The only wiring required is for the transformer wiring, since it is not a PCB mounted component.
-        Your amp is hand built by our designer himself or under his control, NOT by little children who should be at school.
-        Etc.    For those who are interested in full details about our design principles click here.

We build our amplifiers by hand ourself. Due to this AND the modular setup we can make about any amplifier you want.
The short list below are just the most sold amps in the past two years. Want another amp than listed? Contact us.

We have a Demo Amplifier available. Check it out in your own environment and equipment. Reserve it.

Pricelist of many Power Amplifiers we can produce.

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