ELTIM Amplifiers

Like with tube amplifiers, ELTIM audio only uses a minimum of components, yet with very high quality, in our solid state amps. While using the most modern Power Mosfets, the class A- A/B- D discussion is overruled, since these Mosfets are linear over about the full working area. So, you don't need to fire them up 2 hours before you want to listen to them. Our amps hardly become warm, even at louder volumes. Only if you run them at party level they become warm, not hot.  
We received signals that our amp sounds better than a Class-A, top 10 ranked brand. It came from somebody total in love with this brand actually. Who are we to discuss that? We prefer you to do it, but test it yourself first!
Just reserve our DEMO amp for a listening experience in your own environment with your own equipment!

We have set up a reference page where people share their experiences with our amplifiers.

We try to get the last drop of musicality from any source and it works as more and more people experience now. If you want to know how we do it, read the white paper.