For over 15 years ELTIM audio BV supplies quality components, connectors, drive units, etc. all over Europe to manufacturers, dealers and by a webshop. The company became known Europe wide by the distribution of MOREL drive units to all kinds of parties, acting as "Morel Europe". The founder also enterded Mundorf crossover components in the early '90s in the Netherlands as distributor, acting like this up till tday.The company is located in the far north/east of the Netherlands in the beautiful little township Mensingeweer.

Since 2014 we also develop, design and build bespoke loudspeakers and amplifiers in house by hand.

Due to the absence of a huge office in an expensive area, marketing staff, advertising program, show presentations, distribution chain, etc., we offer very nice pricing compared to other brands price/quality figures.
Yet, dealers are most welcome to join us in the reliving of true audiophile listening where equipment is hardly noticed.