VOXATIV T-211, integrated tube amplifier per piece

VOXATIV T-211, integrated tube amplifier per piece

The prettiest way to drive your high efficiency speakers.
12 watts of single ended 211 tube sound.

Article code: T211


The Voxativ 211-based integrated amplifier is a 45 kg beauty. It is inbuilt in a one-piece housing
that is milled out of a 63kg aluminium block. The outside surface is anodized, not painted.

The internal circuit is a complete direct-through. Also used: Masaaki Oshima output transformers.
Mr. Oshima defines his transformers as musical instruments and this is what you get.

Optional feature: Voxativ 211 tubes. These are especially made for us to get the highest resolution
and best sound that is possible. They are recognizable by their gold plated pins.

The Voxativ integrated amplifier: Excellent sound for Voxativ and all other high efficiency speakers.

On request this amplifier is equipped with a preamp-out stage to drive the Voxativ 9.87 speaker or woofer system.

Handmade by the team of Voxativ in Fulda/Germany.

Technical Data

Frequency Response                  20 - 20.000 Hz                              
Signal to Noise Ratio                100 dB
Distortion                        1 %
Tubes                                2 x 211 - Voxativ Tubes with gold plated connectors
Input Sensitivity                520 mV
Input                                3 x line
Output                                8/16 Ohm and preamp-out
Power Handling                2 x 14 W
Power Consumption                200 W
Colour                                black
Dim W x H x D                        43 x 25 x 47 cm
Weight                                45 kg

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