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Step 9: Finishing

In this step you decide how the outsdide of your amplifier will look like.

Starting with the cabinet (selected in step 1) itself:
  • use of a massive aluminium 10mm thick or a 4mm/19" frontpanel
  • Does it have to be plain, brushed aluminium or brushed black
  • With most cabinets you can decide for plain steel top/bototm lids or the nicer aluminium versions

Then, you have to decide (the DIY'ers) whether you do all the work on the cabinet or let us do this job for you.
  • Your cabinet can be milled and drilled in any way you want by a CNC machine
  • Your cabient parts can be engraved of full colour printed in any way you like, even pictures

Finally you have to decide what brand, type3 and quality of connectors you want tu use. We have a wide variety available.
We are Puresonic EU distributor by the way, high value for money connectors (picture below).