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Step 6: Power enlargement

Normally, with a single pair of Power Fets we can make around 200Wrms. This is way sufficient for most of us in daily use, just like a 1.3 liter fuel engine in our car.  For some, this is not enough and they tune their engine. With us, this is also possible by adding our so called CD-modules.

On all five base CS-modules there is a single pair of power transistors (CS-165 has two pairs) providing enough power for most of us. For those who want it all, we altered our CS-40 and CS-40ps PCB (winter 2017/18) in a way that we can exchange the power transistors by connectors. With those connectors we can connect a wide range of CD-boards (Current Drive) with 2 - 4 pairs of power transistors. With four pairs we can reach around 600Wrms, in bridged mode up to around 2000Wrms. We believe this will be enough. AND: in High-End quality.

Since power mosfets are controlled by just a voltage, there are NO modifications required on the other modules at all. Just connect it all, align it and it works as with a regular CS-module. The complete pack will become way larger though in order to possition all the extra parts with wide copper tracks and be able to connect a corresponding larger heatsink. Note that a 2kW amplifier will dissipate around 1kW of heat!

We started with the production of CD-modules meant to be used for compact monoblock setups:
ELTIM Monoblock based on CS-40ps, VS-20, VR-3/30 and CD-40psMB RQ modules.
Just place the modules in the correct position and connect the connectors to it.
In this specific monoblock (our own) we added a balanced to line converter (left top).
We could demonstrate that these monoblock already sounds better than our (10k) Accuphase P-450.

Exactly the one in the picture (and it's brother) are working in our own private environment, hooked up to our SOLO speaker project (150Wrms/4ohms) in a fantastic way. Our Accuphase P-450 is for sale, since we don't like to give anti demonstrations...
Actually, even with some commercials we start to smile, since we hear things lots of us won't hear and are simply not possible with just a single 16cm driver. But is does, strange. Evereyone visiting us starts to look for a (quality) subwoofer and/or some hocus pocus digital blackbox. Sorry, there isn't any. Come and listen, but since we are very busy an appointment has to be made.

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