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Pre 230 module

With our Pre 230 module we answer to those wanting a high quality Preamplifier, yet with minimum size:

This Pre-230 module fits in a tiny MODU Galaxy 230x40x170mm already. Of course a larger one would fit as well.

As said, it's modular, so several things can be added/changed by us or you:

  • In the basic version it is running as a so called "passive preamplifier", where just
       the volume is controlled by a logarithmic potentiometer. ALPS carbon fits.
  • Volume can be controlled by a Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) module.
  • While using a VCA, gain can be set by a 0-5Vdc and/or an SPI signal
  • Buyer can choose for a basic or toroidal PCB transformer, both potted
  • Buyer can decide to have it with or without an MM/MC prepreamplifier part
  • MM/MC with single input setting OR 16 gain/16 impedance setting by rotaries
  • 3 Inputs, where IN 2 can act as MM/MC or line input, selection by jumpers
  • Input selection and output mute by silver plated relay contacts, 5V controlled
  • In/outputs can be hooked-up by any chassis RCA or basic PCB types
  • In/outputs can be buffered by adding buffer circuits per in/output
  • Those buffers can be in RCA or balanced XLR
  • Customer can make his own buffer circuit for about any signal
  • OUT 1 is for internal (integrated) use, OUT 2 goes outside
  • OUT 2 can be muted, meant for feeding amplifiers in f.e. other rooms or bi-amping
  • Selector relays can be activated by a switch or any other device delivering 5V signals
  • For increased sound quality a Voltage regulator module can be added
  • Frontpanel PCB's connected by a header connector are in development:
While using this one, there is NO wiring at all.

Dimensions of all our modules are in a way, that you also can make Integrated amplifiers with them:
With this setup, you could even make it as low as 40mm while using the CS-40ps LP versions.
In order to fit a single, modest transformer, the depth of the Slimline cabinet needs to be 350mm deep. Any height will do.

In order to fit a single, serious transformer, the depth of the Dissipante cabinet needs to be 400mm deep. Any height will do.