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PRE-450 module range

With our Pre-450 design we decided to follow a path, we only see in 19"constructions so far: one central module leading all the sum tracks an power supply rails where all kinds of other modules are connected to:

This setup is still in development, but will have at least the same features as our Pre-330 model.

The basebone is a master PCB, without about any electronics, just high quality header connectors.
At one side all in/output modules can be connected, at the other side
a Voltage Controlled Amplifier circuit finds it's place and the power is hooked up.

Balanced input will be of the InGenius and balanced outputs of OutSmarts technology.

In order to have just a base PCB with minimum, about just straight tracks, the (goldplated)
relay selector switches will be on the separate in/output modules.

We can use the Pre-330 front panel PCB where the switching/displaying, etc. is done.

For lowest possible supply influences (hum/noise), we use a separate power supply module

This setup wil also function in an integrated setups while using MODU Slimline cabinets:

We also plan to construct base PCB's fitting in larger integrated amplifiers where MODU Dissipante cabinets are used with smaller interior width: