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General information

Our amplifiers are built different compared to about all other amplifiers and modules you can find.
We did this because we strongly believed that most amplifiers we saw over many years are built in a wrong way.
Doing so, they need to "compensate" with a lot of extra electronics, better cabinets, etc.
We tried it our way and we are most happy to find out that our approach of constructing is really working.

As others do, we can write a lot of bla, bla, but basically there are following differences:
- We did NOT use the cheapest components and PCB's we could find, but the best available.
- This means that the price is a cumulative result of the parts prices, not a SET price of f.e. 2999,- resulting in
   the use of cheaper parts in order to reach this price and so "killing" a most likely fantastic amplifier design.
- As the processed signals, our design of PCB's and total layout are for 99% symmetrical.
- We split our designs in modules for improvement in sound AND more flexibility in building an amp.
- We position the PCB's vertical instead of horizontal, so more space and better air (heat) flow.
- We don't need expensive copper plated cabinets to protect the electronics for EMI interference; we solved this
   increasing problem by designing the PCB layouts in a way, that you even can put a calling GSM on top of it
   without interference heard. So, actually you don't need a cabinet to solve this problem.
- We did not measure and measure and forgot to listen, but listened instead, made changes, listened again, etc.
  and did some control measurements in the end phase, which are ashtonishing by the way:

Frequency range:                DC - >300.000Hz  (electronically limited 2-50.000Hz, other on request)
Load impedance:                2-16 ohms (4 ohms min. in HQ versions)
Damping factor:                        >200  up to >800 on largest models.
Slew rate:                        >50V/uS
Power range (8 ohms)                40W up to 1kW+ (2,5kW+ in balanced mode.....). Depends on modules and trafo's choice.
Amplifiying principle:                Fully symmetrical (schematics AND layout), pure analog.
Power stage setting:                New class A/B (with better sound, but less heat that conventional class A setting).
Input:                                RCA or balanced InGenius TM XLR inputs with possible use of very long input cables.

Beside these fantastic figures, the listening results are, as several people have stated by now, quite ashtonishing.
Some say that our solid state amps sound as a reference quality tube amplifier.
Others say that they don't hear any amplifier at all......
All come up with similar words as natural, emotional, musical, beeing "there", etc.

So, obviously we did a good job, especially since all these people are used to listen to top quality equipment
costing thousands of euro's. The reference amp, Accuphase P-450 (€ 10k), we used over the years is NO match.
Accuphase P-450                                                                       ELTIM # 0001                                        
Come over and listen for yourself..... OR even better: order one of our demo amps and test it for 2 weeks in
your own environment with your own equipment and music. We ask a € 500,- security fee and shipping costs.

Since our amps are built modular by hand and by ourselve, we can build numerous varieties.
In this website you only find some examples in order to give you and idea about looks, pricing, etc.
Please note that all listed models lack any kind of protection circuits, except for a single power line fuse.
A protection module can be installed as option though.
You want a special model (or no) switch, special brand connectors, your name engraved? Tell us.....
Want f.e. your face or that from your favourite artist or your Band or Theatre name printed on the front? No problem.
Use your imagination and let us build your very own amplifier. Share your thoughts with us.