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ELTIM Speakers

As former MOREL Europe main distributor we made several designs based on MOREL drive units.
Due to the fact that the one below is doing things it shouldn't be capable of based on the common "design rules", we still produce this one:

Read the interesting and funny article of 6moons.

Todays mkII model is a bit larger. We always have some empty, raw cabinets in stock.

We also have two variants in our mind:
  • with a longer baffle, fitting a Mundorf AMT dipole tweeter as 2-way setup.
  • with a longer baffle/higher enclosure with this AMT and a similar looking woofer
       functioning as a 3-way setup.

We also have some other, nice and warm sounding speaker designs.
As with our amplifiers; we could make a "spcial" for you, f.e in luxury yachts, buildings, etc.,
with the goal that people finally can enjoy the music and understand the spoken words.
Why don't men like to shop? Because the mostly dreadful sound is as a flagellation to them.
About always it's too loud anyway, but lowering the level only leaves ps, ps, brup, blurp, etc....

We use professional Topan MDF and manufacture in our own carpentry:

We can make about any shape and finish them with about anything you like.   MAIL