ELTIM Preamplifiers

As with our Power amplifiers, we tend to make our preamplifiers in a modular way. While doing so we (and you as DIY'er) can make a lot of types.
Due to the complete different layout a preamplifier requires in order to assure shortest signal paths, the physical looks are a bit different compared to our power amp designs:
ELTIM PRE-330 module with as extra: electronic volume control (by VCA's) and Voltage regulator module.
At the right side the MM/MC prepre part with 16 gain and 16 impedance settings at the bottomside.
We also can use a variety of input connectors and even can buffer the in/outputs.

We now released two Preamplifier modules and are working on a reference class version, beeing even more modular in design.

Very unique are our extremely well performing VCA volume controllers, having even less distortion than a good potentiometer AND having a gain from -90 / +30 dB. A good potentiometer only has -60 / 0dB, not to mention the differences between left/right. Our VCA's are equal <2%.
With a module like that we can control volume by a 0-5Vdc signal, coming from any source you want.  Actually you also can control it by a digital SPI signal. Read more about these nice VCA modules in the specific section.

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