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ELTIM Power Amplifiers

With a link to how you would select and buy your new car, we lead you through the process of shaping your own, exclusive, bespoke amplifier. Follow the steps at the left side and find out how easy it is to shape it exactly the way you want it, despite the fact that there are many possibilities. Just as with a new car.      
Under the > marker at left there are the pages refering to a specific item of your amplifier.

Below the block diagram of how our modules are connected. The procedure steps are in blue, just follow the steps an learn.

Here FIVE modules connected and working, without a single wire.
Now you may think, why not a single or some seperatred PCB's  as about everybody else does?
Well, this gives way fewer options, needs way more space, looks "messy" and has less quality.
Also the risk of a faulty wiring could be degraded to about 0 while working this way.
The way be build it, one can build a true high-end or even a reference quality amplifier, beating top ranked models in price and performance.