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CS-80 Current Stage module

With the CS-80 Current Stage "engine", our setup differs from most of the other amplifier manufacturers. With these modules we are able to build a most compact amplifier system.

Our mid-sized "engine": CS-80

Basically the setup is similar as a CS-40 module, but there are some significant improvements:

  • Flat mounted to a heatsink, resulting in a more effective heat spreading over the heatsink
  • Completely free microphonic effects due to mounting with 11 screws to the solid heatsink
  • Some serious power supply capacitors very close to the power transistors
  • 35um copper tracks instead of mostly used 15um in Ebay stuff.
  • Extremely compact and clean "wireless" connection with several other (possible) modules:

Here connected with a VS-input module (not visible), a PS-80 power supply, a
VS-3/30 Voltage regulator module and an IO-80 Balanced input board without wiring.

Compared to a CS-40(ps) the power devices stay cooler and it has a better base fundament, simply due to the presence of extra power supply capacitors mounted very close to the power train.

The rated power is largely defined by the output voltages of the transformer connected to the Power Supply feeding this module:
The +CD graphs represent the rated power while a pair of CD-80 modules
are attached, left and right of this CS-80 module.

This module fits on 200x80mm heatsinks or in f.e. a MODU 300 x 120mm (DxH) Dissipante cabinet.
If CD-80 modules are attached the pack fits on a 300x80mm heatsink or in a 400x120mm cabinet.

Actually, for most people wanting a high-end/reference class amplifier delivering around 150-200Wrms to non complicated speakers, this one will do very nice indeed!

CS-80 RQ with VS-20, PS-80, IO-80 and VR-3/30 modules.
According to this customer and his audiohile community, this one
makes quite some top ranked amps blush....
A dealer wanted to sell him a pair of tube amps, € 6000,- each.
He ended up in listening to ours actually.