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CS-80/120/165 Supply

Our CS-80, CS-120 and CS-165 are constructed with the goal of extreme high quality. According to our first buyers we succeded in that and THEY claim we can compete with highest ranked brands. That are NOT Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Marantz, etc. but the surreal priced brands you can see at f.e. High End München. Actually we now dare to say that we are very proud of this fact and that obviously the idea's of our CEO and chief designer Louis weren't bad at all.
Since in this chapter we are talking about power supplies, we need to concentrate on that now.

In order to gain the highest possible performance, we decided that, beside all the other features we already listed elsewhere, the power supply of these modules had to be as close to the power train as physically possible, and with shortes/thickest possible connections. We can say that we managed in a way which is seen nowhere else:
From top to bottom:
Heatsink (part of the cabinet construction)
CS-80/120/165 flat mounted to that (microphonic free)
VS-input module stack mounted (shielded by PS-module)
PS-80/120/165 Power supply module
VR-3/30 Voltage regulator (below the screw connector)
IO-80 bal in/out module with balanced input circuitry (left side)

Here in another viewing angle:

A view from the bottom side shows that it's all hooked up with just a long, 72 pin, goldplated copper header connector:
                                             ALL our required ELTIM connections                 Part (...) of Accuphase P-450 connections      
You only need to connect the four wires of the secondary windings of a suitable transformer to our setups.

As you can see in the pictures above, all the FIVE modules mounted together here form a single, solid pack without a single wire!

We read some comments on fora that "all these connectors" are not right and will cause failures. Could be true, if we decided for the crap quality we see everywhere AND feeding a lot of current through a single pin which can actually handle only 1A as most of these kind of connectors can.
Also here we do it different: we use the highest quality header connectors available from MPE Garry (DE) with milled, goldplated beryllium copper contacts which can handle 3A each. The outer 2x6 =12 pins left and right of the connector above lead the Power Supply voltages and can handle a CONSTANT current of 3x12 = 36A. Since these long pins each are around 1mm², the total connection between a PS- and CS-module is 12mm² of goldplated pure copper. Believe us, that is enough, the more because there are also power supply capacitors after this very solid connection.
The speaker leads are done similar and all the other connections use at least two pins. Our oldest amps works for three years daily now, and act and look as if they were brandnew!

The PS-80 exactly matches and fits to CS-80 module. PS-120 fits CS-120 and PS-165 fits CS-165, how convenient.
These power supplies come in several variants where only the capacitance value, type and quality (and so price) differ. Select the best you can afford, since the power supply is part of you signal chain, just as the amplifier itself, connectors, cable, etc. !

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