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CS-40ps Supply

We designed our CS-40ps module for those who want to built a "straigt forward" amplifier. With this we mean a minimum amount of modules, wiring, etc. on a minimal space.

The CS-40ps is technically indentical to a CS-40, buw with some ectra PCB space it's equipped with an on board 200W max. power supply. Due to the limited space though, there is a borderline for what type an capacitance could be used. In the front centre there is a screw connector where you can connect all four wires of the secondary transformer windings.

The CS-40ps is available in a wide variance, where only the quality, shape and capacitance of the supply capacitors and the type of power transistors differ.

CS-40ps RQ+ power supply parts with extreme high quality Mundorf capacitors Ø30mm.

So, then why limit the supply part space on this CS-40ps?

Due to the layout of the PCB, it's not possible to make more than around 200Wrms with it. So, providing a supply which can do that properly, it's OK. We just had enough space.

We limited the width of this PCB, in order to make it fit in the smallest MODU cabinets we have in our program.
The internal width of MODU's smallest Galaxy modules is 104mm, so we made it 103mm wide.
While using an LP (see later) version with low profiled capacitors (picture left) it even fits in a 40mm high (low?) cabinet actually. Transformer is located externally then.

CS-40ps supply part fits following supply capacitors:
2x1   Ø30x55mm axial types  (EC variants)
2x5   Ø16/18mm, pitch 7,5mm, pin 1mm (LP/ST variants)
2x2   Ø25/30mm, pitch 10mm, pin 2mm (HC/HV/HQ/RQ variants)

This picture shows a CS-40ps-LP with VS-20S (sandwich mounted)

Also the width of this CS-40ps is adjusted to the size of a cabinet model range.
By making the width 208mm, we can use it in the MODU Galaxy 230mm wide cabinets.
While doing so, we can add our Monoblock CD-modules, forming a most compact monoblock:
CS-40ps MB HQ, VS-20L, VR-3/30 and CD-40 HQ add ons
in a MODU Galaxy 230x280x80mm cabinet.
Both power transistors are on the CD-modules and mounted to the flanks, acting as heatsinks.
At left top we added a balanced input module, also in our program.

With the width of 208mm, there will also be enough space for the terminal connectors while
mounting a CS-40ps to the flanks of f.e. a MODU Dissipante cabinet with a depth of 300mm or
as in the picture below a MODU Slimline version with depth 230 or 280mm.
This low power version we made for Musical Affairs for
demonstrating of their high efficient fullrange speakers.
Their quote: "It sounds as least as good as our €6000,- tube amplifier". Ours is around 1500,-
Another one: "this is the first solid state amp we heard making music"

So, the size of this CS-40ps module and it's on board power supply are matching it's possibilities and the sizes of several available MODU cabinets.
All the examples above show, that with just a CS-40ps as base, there are numerous variants one can think of. It's a perfect starter project as well! Use your imagination -)