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CS-40 Current Stage module

The second Current Stage model in our program is built exactly as the CS-40ps, yet without a built-in Power Supply, resulting in a some smaller PCB. This means that a specific, seperate Power Supply has to be added in the system. This also means that this can be from very cheap to costly and from low to very impressive power. We use 70um thick copper tracks, where (China) standard is 15um!

CS-40 Current Stage module, former V1 version.

Today there are also connector locations where the power mosfets are. This allows us to connect a PCB there, with 2-4 pairs of power mosfets instead of this single pair. It is also wider then before (246mm), fitting in the NEW MODU Mini Dissipante as monoblock.

The rated power is primarily defined by the transformer voltages of the connected Power Supply:
The shown 2-4 prs graphs are if an extra (pair) of CD-40 modules is added left and right or at the top.

We also have a "naked" variant where NO power transistors are mounted. Instead, there are connectors where an extra module is connected. These extra modules hold 2 - 4 pairs of power transistors. With help of these extra modules we can build up to 2kW in bridged mode where two of these are used to feed one channel. That is a truly impressive amplifier. Check the corresponding chapter for these extra CD-modules. We are still working on those though!

There are no pictures of built amps available yet, sorry.