ELTIM S614 mkII "Solo", full range speaker, pair

Triangular bass-reflex speaker using minimum space, yet with high quality reproduction

ELTIM S614 mkII "Solo", full range speaker, pair
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The former mkI version is built a lot, but was a bit difficult to make and the few components were the most expensive ones. Also, the internal wiring was made of 98% silver / 2% gold foil, glued to the T-shaped back bone. Especially this wiring resulted in a too high price.
Our new mkII version has a nice curved aluminium back cover, regular, yet quality wiring and less expensive correction parts. Also, it became a bit larger, resulting in even lower bass than before. Believe us, you will be surprised.
Due to all this we can make the mkII version € 600,- /pair cheaper, still with an amazing high quality sound most (more?) people will love.

We could tell a lot about this speaker, but prefer the experts to do this:
6moons.com  testing the mkI version, first at a show, later in their test room.
We saw what happened and it all is 100% as written.  Nice.
We could tell a lot about this speaker, but prefer the experts to do: 6moons.com  (mkI)
Probably you believe them above our bla, bla.  The mkII model is slightly larger.
Fact is that we listen to our SOLO's for years now and are amazed again every day.
Even the TV commercials (with music and/or sound effects) make you smile.
Also MOREL staff was amazed what just one of their single drivers could perform.
Unlike many other fullranges, you also don't have to be afraid of breaking them.
We tried (>>200Wrms, Accuphase P-450, 6ohms driven), but didn't succeed (yet). It is LOUD!
Even the bass is belly shaking, which is indeed not possible with a 16cm. But it does, sorry.
It has to be the combination of all, bringing a transmissionline-like bass sound.


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