ELTIM P3330 Preamplifier with 3 inputs, 2 outputs

1 balanced in, 1 MM/MC in, 1 line in, 1 line out (balanced optional)

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  • Standard 3 line inputs
  • One internal line output, unbuffered, no input capacitors > passive preamp
  • Optional an extra mutable output can be arranged.
  • Input capacitor module where highest grade capacitors fit (optional).
  • MM/MC Phono RCA input 2 with 16 impedance and 16 gain settings (optional).
  • Input selector LED-indication around selector knob.
  • Buffered line in/outputs (optional with different qualities of components).
  • Balanced / buffered XLR in/outputs with THAT balanced driver IC's (optional).
  • All front panel lights are dimmable.
  • Highest grade electronic volume control by ELTIM VCA-module (optional)
  • While using VCA module, gain display and 12 LED indication around volume knob.
  • Higher quality parts (like Burson hybrid opamps) optional.
  • 40mm RVS steel DACT CT-3 knobs


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