Amplifier Philosophy

We at ELTIM audio are electronics engineers for over 40 years, so don't expect marketing bla bla from us, sorry. On the other hand we love to listen to a nice piece of music or films with impressive sounds (low and loud) as well.
But, there are so many quality amplifiers (and brands) already so why??

As developer and producer of our ELTIM amplifier modules, we are able to build your exclusive, bespoke (pre)amplifier, exactly the way you want it. We can make it in HiFi, High-End or reference quaility, depending the parts and modules we use.
Normally we use standard (cheaper then special made) cabinets, but we can make it different as well. Send us a mail what you have in mind. After some emails vice versa, we did manage to build quite a few bespoke amplifiers by now.

We do a lot different than others do:
  • Because of the use of EXICON Power Mosfets we can run our lineair amplifiers in class A/B mode with the sound quality of regular built class A (or better) amplifiers.
  • Due to the high thermal conducting PCB's, where the Power Mosets are sandwiched between these PCB's and heatsinks the produced heat is tranferred most easy, resulting in a cool amplifer, mostly around 40ºC in daily use.
  • The PCB's transfer that much heat that you can hold a lighter under it for long time, without damaging it.
  • You don't have to heat it up first, nothing will become really hot, and it will sound nice immediatelly.
  • Actually, the efficiency in daily use is about the same or better as with Class-D designs.
  • With us no "chopped up" chill sound (Class-D) just plain and rich, highly dynamic music like tube amps do.
  • The EU made PCB's show irregular wide tracks for power and speaker leads and match the possible current flow.
  • The quite simple schematics are about symmetrical as the PCB's and the signals are as well.
  • Due to the modular setup the only wire is from the transformer(s) and possibly to the connectors, that's all. Saving time > money
  • We have modules to build about any power amplifier you like, from 30 - 2000Wrms.
  • Customer decides for a single or double trafo /power supply (dual mono setup).
  • Customer decides for toroidal trafo(s), standard, mylar taped (Audio Grade) or sealed in polished steel casing(s) (Supreme Audio Grade).
  • Customer decides for quality (Nichicon) or Audio Grade Mundorf (2-pole or true 4-pole) power supply capacitors.
  • Several other parts (resistors, connectors, etc.) quality can be selected as well.
  • We only use first class, guaranteed original parts, lasting for at least 15 years.

In a technical document we explain what we do different.

Our modular setup prevents wiring and allows us to build numerous different models.
We made a special page where we explain more about the available mudules in our program.

Some say nice, but what about the specifications? They slightly differ depending the setup, but in general:
  • Frequency range:   DC (or 4Hz) - 500kHz (-3dB), 800kHz (-10dB)
  • Harmonics distortion: way below audioble range
  • Intermodulation distortion << -60dB, none specific, not noticeable
  • Never shown phase behavior (in>out): <3º within audio band
  • Power rating: 30 - 2000Wrms, depending on modules, supply voltage and cabinet used
  • Slew rate > 50V/us.  Comparison: the fastest available opamps reach 20V/us...

We made a YouTube video with a listening demo at MC-Systems where the MP 3.1 is driven by our demo amplifier based on VS-20 / CS-40ps LEX16. Compare it with similar video's.
The in the Netherlands well known audio engineer Rob Meyst only needs 4 seconds to form a verdict (in Dutch): "Wow, that sounds nice".
Despite the fact that it is recorded with a NOKIA 8 smartphone and is "just" YouTube you will hear the difference comparing with otherYouTube video's somehow.

Customer and listener reactions are listed under: "ELTIM Amps reactions" in our webshop where we alo list all the modules we use and a many other nice audio equipment and parts. The reactions we received in a nuttshell in demo's, by mail or phone:
  • Amazingly nice 3D performance, especially since it is a lineair A/B amplifier.
  • Sounds as a quality tube amp, but with the bass punch of a quality solid-state amp.
  • Rocksolid and correct bass response and keeps on "pushing" (f.e church organ).
  • Mids are not over/under done, just plain speech/singing.
  • Highs are totally not sharp as we hear more and more today, so, no "pointy". "s" and "t" sounds.
  • Triangle, cymbals, etc. sing endless without sounding sharp or distorting.

Thank you for all these nice words. We do our best -)   LT

All nice, but how do they look like? Well, this is tricky, because we make them bespoke as you want them and due to the modular design we can make hundreds of different models actually. Besides that, we allow you to choose the quality (and so: price) of a lot of parts. But here are just some:

Backside shown: professional PURESONIC clamping speaker connectors. No loose wires again -)
On customers request extreme high quality balanced inputs and extra V-cap capacitors over the power rails.

We now make the fronts as shown above with soft, sky (Eltim) blue logo (not the irritating LED blue)
and a professional solid steel power on/off push button in a 3mm extra panel.
We can use standard parts and transformer(s) but also very nice,
extreme quality ones, resulting in an endless range of prices.
You want your name, our designer signature, a nice full colour photo, etc. on it? Tell us and concider it done.
We can also engrave the brushed black or blank alu front panel with any text you like.

Just mail us your thoughts as these people did.